Tholari Studios
    An ideal choice for your vacation

    In a beautiful, classic Cycladic landscape with a view of the amazing light blue of the Aegean, Tholari Studios emerges through bougainvilleas and oleanders, awaiting to provide hospitality, comfort, and tranquility to the visitor.

    It is a superb resort consisting of two buildings, depicting perfectly the traditional Aegean architecture, thus creating a graphic landscape that will lure you into memorable relaxing moments.

    In our resort, you will enjoy the beautiful view of the light blue water of Aegean while being only a couple of minutes away from the beach, as the Livadi beach is a mere 5 minutes away on foot.

    We are in
    the heart of the Aegean.

    Laying in the emerald sea of the Aegean, small Cyclades is a group of small islands in the eastern part of the Cyclades. The more important islands are Schinoussa, Donousa, Koufonisia, Keros, and Iraklia. They are all inhabited except Keros and they are located southeast of Naxos and northwest of Amorgos.

    Tholari Studios is located in Livadi Beach, in Schinoussa, 1km away from the main town of the island – an island which is known as the hidden treasure of the Cyclades. It is ideal for those who want to escape from everything and relax enjoying a magical place.

    Amazing View

    Enjoy the view of the light blue water of the Aegean while being a couple of minutes away from the beach.

    Perfect Service

    Our rooms will provide you with the ideal conditions to enjoy calm, but at the same time memorable, vacation.

    Free Parking

    In our resort, you will find free parking space for your car – alternatively, we can transfer you to and from the port for free.

    Our Rooms

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